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Our Story

Flowers/Flours are my passion!

I grew up on a farm in western Kansas… Right where I am today. Playing in the dirt, playing with my cats and making mud pies… A farm girl at heart, Mama couldn’t keep me in good dresses for long, as I always found a way of tearing them. A kitty in one arm and dirt from head to toe is how you would find me most days. With some coaching I finally became a lady but one that loves bare feet and sunshine and flowers. I love Freedom to breath deeply and take in nature.

My name is Nicole Nightengale. I have always had a passion for living, For doing, And they always included playing in flours and more Flowers. (pun intended)

In June 2014 we purchased Annie’s Country Gardens greenhouse. We picked our spot in the old tail water pond and began dirt work. This area gives us sunshine and a much needed wind break!! The wind can howl over the top and we are tucked down in and doing good!! We began the process of dismantling the greenhouse and got it Up and going for the spring of 2015. It was a big undertaking and the muscle work to cement it all in, I’ll never forget!!

Before I bought the greenhouse I was a florist at Just For You in Montezuma for 20 plus years. It has always been my passion and I spent many hours being taught many techniques by my mentor and cousin Shirley Buller, A master gardener and wonderful lady. I started working for her in 91’ at Indian Hills Garden Center. It then sold and became Just For You.

After I got married in 2001 and I began baking for people. I began very much enjoying perfecting bake goods and pies etc.... some years we have had anywhere from 500-1000 pies come out of my little kitchen... it is definitely something I love. I especially love baking in the winter months with the crackling fire.

So as time has went I found my heart is in flowers/flours... I love my fresh flowers, I LOVE to create designs people ask of me! Selling trees and plants all growing season sends my heart skyward!! And on top of that I get to cater and bake delicious food which makes me smile huge!!

Come and visit us.... have a piece of pie, talk trees with me. We are building a barn soon to accommodate all our passions!!

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